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Born 1974

Artistic language and expression was not foreign to me from an early age, having the fortune of going out into the world as primary school pupil, the family moved to Kuwait for 5 years, where I already showed my propensity for artistic expression.


After returning to native Slovenia I completed primary education and continued and nurtured my artistic orientation at Istituto Statale d'Arte Max Fabiani in Gorizia (Italy) and concluded the high school studies in 1996.
Furthermore, I continued the studies at Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia (Italy). Environment, imbued with centuries of tradition and the intertwining of cultures truly left its mark and directed my attention to our fellow human beings in their environment.                                   
In 2001, I successfully completed studies with Professor Rossella Piergallini.             

My artistic language is a reaction to contact with other people and the environment in which individual groups coexist, as well as through participation and organization of art events (MMM art, Art Embassies,...) at home and abroad.  
I have been creating art most of my life, resorting involuntarily repeatedly to daily experiences, I transferred my knowledge to my pupils. Through autoanalysis I then realize my personal projects using the appropriate medium.
I live and work between Slovenia  and Germany.



+386(0).31.345.833 / +49 (0)160.278.1534




High school: 1991-1996, Istituto Statale d’Arte Max Fabiani, Gorizia, Italy

University / Academy: 1996-2001, Academy of Fine Arts, Venice, Italy / Painting department

Bachelor of Fine Arts (painter) - 2001, Academy of Fine Arts, Venice, Italy


Professional activities


2017 – 2018, BAIR PROJECT Organizer of international Art Symposium, international artists working for a private collection (


2017 – 2018, ARTEOPEN, Coorganizor of international exhibition at the gallery '' GALLERIA COMUNALE LE ANTICHE MURA, Monfalcone, Italy


2014 ART BERLIN, invited by Goethe Institut, Slovenia


Since 2014, Organization of International Art Symposium for Young Artists ART OF NATURE, in collaborartion with Youth Center of Nova Gorica and Municipality of Nova Gorica, Čepovan


Since 2011, ART CIRCLE PROJECT founder and coordinator of the project, International Artist Symposium in Slovenia, artist comming from 48 different countries upon invitation by foreign Embassies based in Slovenia (, art works for a public collection at Vila Vipolže, Ministry of Culture Republic of Slovenia


Since 2011, Organization of International Art exhibitions of Fine Art, Sculpure, Ceramics etc. such as Provincial museums of Palazzo Attems Petzenstein, Gorizia, Italy (ceramics and paitnings), Bratislava Castle, Bratislava, Slovakia (drawings on paper), Beyond Boundaries, International exhibition Slovenia – Japan, Gallery City Hall of Municipality of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia (paintings and sculptures)


1997 – 2010, mmmART, Organizer of International Art Symposium, international artists working for a private collection (




Exhibitions (selection)




Koroška gallery of fine arts, FROM OPEN STUDIOS, Gallery Slovenj Gradec

group exhibition, curated by: Katarina Hergold Germ


- 4th KIAR International Art Symposium - Pune - Hingangaon, India - group exhibition curated by : Ashis Kumar Pahi

- Galerija KD DOMŽALE, BRUN-KOPECKA-LOITZL-TUTTA-SUBIC-SREDNJI-SVET , Slovenia, group exhibition, curated by: Jurij Smole

- Cultural center Svilara, FIRST GALA INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM OF ART - Novi Sad, Srbia, group exhibition, curated by: Gala Ćaki 

- GALERIA LUZ DE LA VIDA ,4th SYMPOSIUM LUZ - Competa - Malaga , Španija - group exhibition, curated by : Liewke Loth

- Instituto Politecnico Nacional ESIA, In the Navel of the Moon, “1st INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM OF PAINTINGS”, Mexico City, Mexico  

group exhibition, curated by : Daniela Jáuregui

- OPEN GALLERY - Gallusovo nabrežje - Ljubljana , Slovenija – group exhibition 

- MUS 2018, Maribor art salon, ART METROPOLIS 2015, Maribor, Slovenija        curated by: Nina Jeza


- Gallery City Hall of Municipality of Ljubljana, BEYOND BOUNDARIES, International exhibition Slovenia – Japan, Ljubljana, Slovenia,

curated by Nina Jeza and Tamara Vodopivec


- ARTEOPEN 2017, Monfalcone, Italy

group exhibition, curated by : Franco Milani and Kleme Brun

- Abu Dhabi ART HUB, SLOVENIAN ART MONTH , Abu Dhabi , group exhibition 


- Gallery City hall Kranj, 5. international art festival, Kranj, Slovenia - group exhibition curated by: Klavdij Tutta

- KUNSTSALON Alexandra Zeddies, KLEMEN BRUN, Wien, Austria - solo exhibition

- Gallery Juraj Klović , DIALOGUE SQUARE, Rijeka, Croatia - solo exhibition 

- Vila Vipolže-museum, ART CIRCLE Project,, Vipolže, SIovenia - group exhibition

- SLOVENIA OPEN TO ART, International Art Symposium, Sinji Vrh, Siovenia,

curated by: Anamarija Stibilj Šajn


- City Gallery of Nova Gorica , DRAWING, Nova Gorica, SIovenia - solo exhibition, curated by: Brane Kovič

- Vila Vipolže-museum, ART CIRCLE Project,, Vipolže, SIovenia - group exhibition

- MUS 2015, ART METROPOLIS 2015, Maribor Art Fair, Maribor, Siovenia          curated by: Nina Jeza

- Bratislava Castle gallery, ART EMBASSY Republic of Slovakia, Bratislava, Slovakia curated by: Stano Buban and Nina Jeza

- City Gallery of Samokov, International Painting & Sculpture Symposium - Samokov, Bulgaria, group exhibition, curated by: Radostina Doganova


- Art Factory Majšperk - BRUN, ŠUBIC, TUTTA, Majšperk Gallery, SIovenia - solo exhibition, curated by: Dušan Fišer

- Embassy of the German republic, KLEMEN BRUN, Ljubljana, Slovenija presented by her excellency dr.Anna Prinz - solo exhibition

- Provincial Museums of Palazzo Attems-Petzenstein, ATTEMS SYMPOSIUM CERAMICUM - Gorizia, Italy group exhibition, curated by: Alessandro Quinzi

- Vila Vipolže – museum, ART CIRCLE Project, Vipolže, SIovenia - group exhibition

- Galerie Centrum - Graz, ANNA SKRABAL / KLEMEN BRUN - Skulptur und Malerei, Graz , Austria, solo exhibition

....and the rest is history!

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