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Short statement: GENERAL

For over a decade Klemen Brun’s focal theme of artistic research has been the human body – the nude in all its varieties – female, male and hybrid. He is fascinated by the shapes of the human body in space, in a dialogue between one another and the viewer/voyeur, as well as the complex contemporary views on the body, which from the prehistory to the day is the central motif in art in the West.

The basic media of the artist’s artistic expression are painting, installation and sculpture. His works are characterized by large formats, experimental techniques, emphasized and powerful colours as well as convincing gestural drawing.


The artworks of professional painter Klemen Brun, who completed his studies of traditional drawing and painting at the well-known Venice Academia di Belle Arti, in Italy, transgress the expected and established way of viewing the human body. The artist is not interested in the media-dictated ideals of human beauty, the aesthetics of the body, and the perfection of appearance, but the elementality of the body – the volume, shape, physicality and corporeality of the human body. In his works, all these are regarded as an experience of a personified view on an object, strongly authorially transformed and deformed, often even up to the level of abstractness, which only just alludes to, and seduces, deceives, conquers and flirts with the viewer, and confronts her/him with its fleshy presence.

Maša Gala, Master of Fine Arts, MFA

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