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The vision, that projects my experiences, acquired in the world of ever changing forms and colors, continues with the research for some kind of perhaps a thousand times repeated form of fragment. The research could be endless in the endless exhibit catalogues, through endless pages of endless art books and the search goes on for the desired form. We are all in search of this mysterious form that is inbeded in our soul. Perhaps my evolution and creation of personal and other art forms, will help bring to light some traces that will evoke in the observer, as a witness of my publication, the presence of such an image or open a passage to the endless mosaic of forms and colors, which are a critical part of ones self. Experimenting new art forms, I think, that is my goal and attempt to project visual information on diverse media. It, as a single art project, must be a manifest of my expression , not necessarily only as an artist. The ideas for all my projects, are born out of necessity for new ways of communicating and interaction in the field of visual expressions. Ultimately I am in search of new territories of visualizing the art in progress and research based on the feedback to different rumors and styles.

'' Who am I '' , mixed technique on canvas, 170cm x  100cm, 2019.jpg
Klemen Brun '' The Blue series IX-X '' Brun apres Klein, mixed technique on canvas, cm 120
''Nothing is real everything is permitte
'' Better sorry than safe '', Mixed tech
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